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Schinlaub Family

Cindy, Marge, Devonne, Chuck & Melissa in front

Marge describing the personalities of her three daughters:
Three sisters and their personalities (1/15/2012)

When I was between the ages of 4 and 7, we lived in Montello, WI. There is a granite quarry in that town and I was scared to death of it. My older sister, Devonne, told me that if you fell in it, you'd fall for two days before you hit bottom. Of course I believed her! I mulled that fact over in my mind quite often. What would it be like to fall for two days? You're falling, falling, and it's getting late. Time for dinner but you're still falling. Bedtime. Still falling. Falling all night. Do I sleep and wake up to more falling? Time for breakfast, but no I'm still falling. Can't go to school because I'm falling. Lunch time and I'm hungry but I'm falling instead. The bottom is getting closer...
--Cindy Hansen

Our family was staying at Pine Lake Camp near Westfield, WI one summer. Melissa and I were sitting on some logs near the beach, just passing the time during a sunny afternoon. A fly kept landing on me so I told Melissa that it was my pet. I had it trained. I could tell it to walk along my arm, and it would! It would fly away but always come back to me. Proof! She was pretty young and gullible. She didn't want to believe it because she was fairly sure I was pulling her leg. But it seemed like the fly was doing what I said. And I never backed down and admitted I was making it up. She got so frustrated that she said, "I want to believe you but I have my doubts!" We've used that line ever since for all sorts of situations.
--Cindy Hansen

I loved it when Dad would tuck us in bed at night. He sang us songs, like Burl Ives' "Little White Duck", our baby songs that he wrote, or Johnny Cash's song "Cindy." He also would roughhouse with us a bit, tickling and playing. We'd be giggling and jumping around. Then Mom would call up the stairs, "Chuck! You're getting them all riled up!"
--Cindy Hansen

My dad was a Methodist minister. When we moved to Monona, WI, my parents joined a church group. The group was going around the circle introducing themselves. As people tended to do back then in the late 60's, they'd say things like, "Hello, I'm Gladys and I belong to George." or "My name is Bob, and I belong to Carol." It got around to Mom's turn. She was strongly into the feminist movement, and didn't want to say that she belonged to anyone. So she said, "My name is Marge, and I belong to myself. But I sleep with the preacher!" That got a lot of laughs!
--Cindy Hansen

One of my favorite memories of Dad was when we lived in Montello. The next door neighbor's cat had the run of the neighborhood during the day and visited us quite often. Dad was out in the front yard practicing his casting with his fishing pole, which the cat thought was the greatest chase game ever. It highly amused Dad too.
--Devonne Nawrocki

When we were little, my sister Cindy and I would play ballerina when my Dad played the piano. I would dance to the fireplace and jump up on the mantle. Cindy would dance to me and pick me up while I stuck out my legs like I thought ballerinas did and she'd twirl me.
--Melissa Kochanski

My Dad used to tell my sisters Devonne, Cindy, and I that we made too much noise when we ran around the house. We made a game of being as quiet as we could by seeing who could jump off a chair the quietest.
--Melissa Kochanski

Guessing Game (told by Cindy 12/18/11)

Marge talking about her work before she retired:
Minister's wife then IRS Service (1/15/2012)

Marge answers the question, "Has life gotten better as you got older?"
Getting older (1/15/2012)

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