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Submitted by Barbara Meyer Parker:

Most of my memories that I will share are from the old "homestead" at the Dougherty Orchards:

  1. Waking up from a nap (I must have been 3 or 4) and couldn't find anyone.  I just remember standing at a kitchen window crying.  Obviously someone came to rescue me.
  2. My Mom & I were in the cornfield behind the house, picking corn for dinner.  Actually, she was picking the corn - I was playing and ended up by the creek behind the cornfield.  All I remember was not knowing where Mom was and crying (again!). The next thing I remember was the minister from the church in Jacksonburg waking me.  Apparently, I cried myself to sleep and slept peacefully while the whole town of Jacksonburg was out looking for me.  I can just imagine my Mother's terror knowing the creek was there and I could be in it. 
  3. I was about 6 and one of my brothers was home on leave from the Navy.  He was shaving in front of a mirror just below the stairs and I though he would love to hear a song called "Sioux City Sue", so I sang my little heart out.  I only knew a few words here and there, but the family (who were eating breakfast at the time)  thought it was "beautiful". 
  4. Some of my fondest memories were when we were altogether, especially on an Indiana summer evening or on a Sunday.  Sunday dinner always seemed to consist of fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, fresh corn-on-the-cob and fresh tomatoes out of our garden.  Sometimes we would  make homemade ice cream - we all took turns cranking, or we would have watermelon out of Dad's watermelon patch.  Sometimes, our brother Jimmy would play his guitar and sing.  Then there were the lightning bugs.  I hadn't seen a lightning bug in over 50 years until I was at Linda's house in Cedarburg this past summer and there were some there.
  5. One day Mom & I were out walking in the meadow in front of the house (just beside the lane).  All of a sudden a bull spotted us and chased us, but we were able to get away unharmed.  I didn't even cry!!!
  6. When I was probably 5 or 6, I looked out the upstairs window on Christmas Eve.  There was a lot of snow and the moonlight was bright and I know I saw Santa out there in his sleigh with the reindeer!
  7. Moving on to the next house - we lived in Bryant, Indiana.  I was probably 7 when we moved there.  I remember taking a nap in our  bedroom upstairs.  It was a warm day and the windows were open.  When I woke up, I spotted a "B-52 Bomber" sized bumble bee buzzing overhead.  Again, I screamed and cried.  Mom came to the rescue.
  8. My next memory is the sad one.  It was the day Mom died.  Dad was working in construction in Lawrenceburg, IN and was not home, so it was just Fred, Larry, Linda & myself at home.  There had been a storm that morning and lightning hit the house and knocked the screen door off the back door.  Later (early afternoon), Mom was sitting on a stump out in the yard and complaining of her left arm being numb.  Since we didn't have a phone, I think she must have told Fred to go to the next farm and get some help.  The next I can remember was standing in the kitchen with Linda and almost all of my brothers & sisters and several other people.  Sometime later Fred, Larry, Linda & I were taken in to see Mom and, although I  didn't know it at the time, the last words she said to me were "Be a good girl".  (I've tried Mom).

The following audio files were recorded as a family group went out to the old house at Dougherty Orchard. The voices you'll hear are Cecil, Linda, Barb, Cindy, Andrea, Linda Griffy, Mark, Kevin and Nonnie. For pictures that were taken while we were exploring, click here: Pictures

Walking toward the house (1:21) You can hear the hundreds of cicadas in the trees, and our footsteps crunching through the tall grass as we look for the front door.

Exploring the Orchard House (9:03) This is unedited. I just let the recorder run. You hear us making our way through the rubble inside the house, camera clicking, and the discovery of the vulture upstairs. Memories come to Linda as she looks around.

Memories while walking from the house to the barn (1:27)

Exploring the barn (4:16) Cecil shares some memories with us.

Cars and Ice Cream (2:21)

There is a Christmas tree on top of the Purina building in Richmond. When Christopher, Wendy, Jennie and Jill were little, Daddie always told them that the Christmas tree was his and that he had put it on top of the building using a helicopter. It has been a tradition since to pass the story down to the Great Grandkids. So, every year around this time we all get pretty excited when "Grandpa's Christmas Tree" is turned on. What makes it even more special for us this year is that the house Chris/Becky/LeeAnna and Christian are living in sits on a hill and has a straight shot to the tree.
--Linda Sue Griffy

On my 16th Birthday, Mom and Daddie got tickets for me and a friend to see John Davidson at the Starlight Musicals Theater at Butler University in Indianapolis. Daddie's brother, Bob, was a policeman in Indy and was going to give us directions to the theater. So, Mom & Daddie drove my friend and me to Uncle Bob and Aunt Jean's house. Uncle Bob wasn't home yet; we were standing outside the house visiting and waiting on Uncle Bob. As we were talking, he drove up in his police cruiser (We had not seen him drive up) and turned the lights and sirens on FULL BLAST. I thought I was going to have to go to the concert with wet pants!!!! He gave us directions, we got there and enjoyed the concert tremendously. I was so in love with John Davidson!
--Linda Sue Griffy

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